Birmingham billiards, bespoke snooker and pool tables
Est 1936
birmingham billiards, handmade snooker and pool tables
And To The Present Day...
Handmade, bespoke snooker tables
bespoke snooker and pool dining tables
Contemporary, modern snooker tables
hand carved pool tables made to order
luxury pool dining tables, made to order
luxury contemporary pool tables
hand carved pool tables crafted bespoke
The Balmoral, hand carved snooker table
Birmingham billiards are members of the guild of master craftsmen
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Bespoke Snooker Tables & Pool Tables

Bespoke snooker tables & pool tables, luxury snooker and pool dining tables, handmade snooker cues – crafted by Birmingham Billiards


A Stunning Collection

Award winning manufacturers…full members of the guild of master craftsmen

The X style, bespoke snooker table

Our exclusive collection of snooker table designs,many are available only from us, protected by registered copyright.

The Mayfair-Art Deco, luxury pool dining table

A superior collection of snooker and pool dining table styles, many are available exclusively from us. Protected by registered copyright.

The Soho-Art Deco,bespoke pool table

Hand made pool tables at our workshops in Aldridge, crafted in exotic hardwoods.

Handmade snooker cues

The most beautiful and well balanced handmade snooker cues.

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We are lucky enough to work with some of the most prestigious clients and organizations from around the world so please add us for regular updates….


Birmingham billiards and games – our philosophy …


Established in 1936, and now currently in our third generation of family run management…Birmingham Billiards and games develop and craft our exclusive range of high quality bespoke snooker tables, luxury  pool tables, dual purpose handmade snooker and pool dining tables at our dedicated workshops in Aldridge – England. Our team of skilled joiners build and develop each of our famous tables bespokely for each of our customers needs, using only the finest kiln dried selected timbers, diamond bench ground slate beds, complete with purest English cloths – hand polished by our own French polishers… We regularity advise and supply many of the worlds leading dignitaries, celebrities as well as icons of the business world…

We do things differently here at Birmingham Billiards

Birmingham billiards and games – Our bespoke Snooker tables and Handmade Pool Tables


A snooker table or pool table should be more than just a top quality games table, your snooker or pool table should be a handmade  unrivalled piece of furniture that provides pleasure for you and your family …for life. Our decades of expertise and rich heritage has resulted in the creation of our stunning range of bespoke snooker table and luxury pool table designs. Our clients demand a high quality snooker and pool table that is the admiration of all those whom play and admire it….

Our Snooker tables are typically played on all sizes including;6ft,7ft,8ft,9ft,10ft,11ft and 12ft sizes. ..and we also offer the bespoke 11ft snooker table size .we manufacture all of our beautiful luxury designs in all of these sizes and bespokely finished to your requirements. We also craft all of our designs in russian pyramid specification also.Pool tables are typically played on 6ft,7ft and 8ft sizes. Wether you favour snooker or pool, all of our top quality tables have the ability to play both games…

Each bespoke handmade snooker table and pool table is provided with free white glove delivery and installation and includes all of the playing accessories you will require at no extra charge ….

Please click here to view our fabulous range of snooker tables…

Please click here to view our fabulous range of pool tables…

Birmingham Billiards And Games – our handmade snooker and pool dining tables


A dual purpose snooker and pool dining table is not a new concept….the ability to utilise the space in your home and to have a table the offers you two functions has always been an attractive concept and many other companies have attempted to supply them….however, here at Birmingham Billiards we have considered every single aspect of this product and through decades of development we ensure a bespoke  snooker and pool dining table that is unrivalled in appearance and has no draw backs with its functionality …..

Firstly and crucially, each of our handmade snooker and pool diners is built from the finest quality selected A grade hardwood timber….sometimes you may find that this is true of other suppliers for the tables base frame and cushion rails, but extremely rarely will you find that the dining table top is also made from solid hardwood, the most popular low cost option for other suppliers is a dining top made from MDF or chipboard covered with a veneer that has a reduced lifespan….we only use solid hardwood timber for each and every dining top that we produce ..

Many other suppliers offer a static mid height pool and snooker dining table which gives the user a compromise between the lower dining height and the correct higher playing height…each of our dual height convertible snooker and pool dining tables are fitted with a solid brass self levelling mechanism allowing the user to set the correct dining and playing heights quickly and at their leisure….

We do not stop there…each and every bespoke pool and snooker diner we build is crafted using only the finest thick cut precision diamond bench ground slate beds, best 100% woollen English cloths, high speed full size cushion rubbers, and a final product that is polish finished by hand ….the result ?…a top quality, bespoke snooker and pool table that pays both games perfectly, beautifully presented and without doubt the finest dual purpose pool and snooker dining table available….and the finest piece of furniture in your home…please click here to see our stunning collection

Birmingham Billiards And Games – our hand made snooker cues


Our hand made snooker cues are renowned throughout the world for their exceptional quality, hand made and balanced with Canadian ash shafts and lavished with a choice of exotic and burr walnut inlays. Our cues have been the benchmark of the industry for over 70 years…

Please click here to see our remarkable range…


Birmingham Billiards And Games – our hand made russian pyramid tables


Birmingham Billiards have been crafting Russian Pyramid tables for many decades and have worked closely with The Russian Billiards federation to ensure that the strict and exacting specification set by the federation is implemented into our tables.

Please click here to see our styles

check out our world famous snooker and pool dual height convertible dining tables . Hand crafted and made to order . Export enquiries welcome. ...

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a beautiful installation of our “ Ritz” art deco snooker and pool dining table in Jersey - U.K ...

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Throw back to when we installed this beautiful full size snooker table in solid ash for footballing legend @johnterry.26 ...

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A beautifully crafted Balmoral design pool table , our client asked for a natural oak silk french polish finish along with Burr Walnut to be carefully inlaid into the rail tops ... finished with taupe championship baize ...see more of this Balmoral design at our website ... ...

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Birmingham billiards are founder members of the prestigious guild of master craftsmen, upholding time honoured values of quality and craftsmanship .. ...

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3 of our famous hand made snooker cues , visit our store for our full selection ...

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See how you can have a #pooltable that doubles up as family dining table. It’s a win win for all the family !!
#pooltables #pool🎱

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Clip 2 of helping out with @peteraandre with a pool diner for Charlie and his family after they had some bad luck. #pooltable #pooltables #peterandre #60mm ...

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