The Balmoral Hand Carved Snooker And Pool Dining Table

Carved by hand
  • balmoral hand carved snooker and pool dining table
  • The Balmoral-hand carved pool table, championship green baize, side view
  • The Balmoral-hand carved pool table, championship green baize
  • The Balmoral-hand carved pool table, taupe baize
  • The Balmoral hand carved snooker table
  • balmoral hand carved snooker and pool dining table
  • balmoral hand carved snooker and pool dining table
  • balmoral hand carved snooker and pool dining table
  • The Balmoral-hand carved pool table, championship green baize, end view

We lavish all the attention in the world on our hand carved Balmoral. The necessary skills of our work force with the ability to produce it, is what sets us apart from ordinary companies. The Balmoral is exclusive to us in every way – if you look around, you’ll see other suppliers offering tables with cheap MDF veneered dining tops that will chip and warp. You’ll be pleased to know, that all of our dining tops are hand crafted from solid wood with wonderful natural grains.


All of our convertible dining tables are fitted with a solid brass dual height mechanism which is self levelling and conveniently secluded to the underside of the table. The mechanism can easily be set to the correct dining, play, and buffet heights.


(Our Balmoral is crafted from solid hardwood burr walnut inlays pictured on some images above are available at a surcharge )

Each table is individually colour matched to customer requirements.


White glove installation to your home is included within the price.


Customers can choose from our beautiful selection of cloth colours, please see the full range below.


A fine range of accessories (listed below) which are colour matched to your table are also included.


  • 4 quality snooker and pool cues
  • A full set of snooker balls
  • One full set of spot and striped pool balls with black 8 ball
  • A durable hardwood triangle
  • A professional table brush
  • Cross rest and spider rest Aids are included
  • Your scoreboard in matching finish to your table
  • One cue rack in matching finish
  • One water proof and dust proof table cover for baize protection
  • Chalks



6ft – £6,800.00 +vat
7ft – £6,900.00 +vat
8ft – £7,200.00 +vat
9ft – £7,300.00 +vat



Cloth colours – Please see below our beautiful range of bespoke cloth colours to suit the decor of your home, a choice of 23 colours made from the finest English napped, 100% wool are available for all pool and snooker tables designs…


Snooker And Pool Table Room Size Guide

It is important that we help you to select the correct size pool table or snooker table for the space that you have allocated, the below chart is a useful guide for you –  showing the advised space required for your table using the 3 popular snooker and pool cue sizes commonly used by players. We understand each room has its own unique elements such as a protruding fireplace or a supporting wall pillar perhaps, and so we are here to help talk this through with you and ensure you select the correct size snooker and pool table…

Table Size



57″ cue



52″ cue


48″ cue

12’x 6′ 22ft x 16ft 21ft x 15ft 21ft x 15ft
11’x5½’ 21ft x 15½ 20ft x 14½ 20ft x 14½
10’x 5′ 20ft x 15ft 19ft x 14ft 19ft x 14ft
9’x4½ 19ft x 14½ 18ft x 13½ 18ft x 13½
8′ x4′ 18ft x 14ft 17ft x 13ft 17ft x 13ft
7’x3½ 17ft x 13½ 16ft x 12½ 16ft x 12½
6′ x 3′ 16ft x 13ft 15ft x 12ft 15ft x 12ft


Warranty – All of our snooker and pool table and products are covered by our manufacturers warranty


Exportation – We offer our clients overseas a door to door international shipping and installation services for all of our snooker tables, pool tables and snooker and pool dining tables. Please contact us for more information …




Telephone – 01922 455554



6ft - £6,800.00 +vat
7ft - £6,900.00 +vat
8ft - £7,200.00 +vat
9ft - £7,300.00 +vat

Convertible Dual Height Dining Table, Hand Carved