Hand Made And hand Spliced Snooker Cues

The Finest Snooker Cues In The World

snooker cues

Our hand made snooker cues are renowned throughout the world for their exceptional quality, hand made and balanced with Canadian ash shafts and lavished with a choice of exotic and burr walnut inlays. Our cues have been the benchmark of the industry for over 70 years…There are several factors to consider when investing in a snooker cue, below are some helpful points which we have considered when producing our beautiful range… 


1. The quality of materials used in a cues construction

The vast majority of snooker cues sold online are cheaply made and generally imported from cheap sources, with a painted butt to attempt to create a spliced appearance. All of the snooker cues in our Hand Finished range are developed using only the finest Canadian ash for the shafts, the butts are made using kiln dried ebony and rosewood, thereby creating an excellent weight and balance. Each butt is spliced by hand using exotic hardwood shaved by our craftsmen providing a stunning visual appearance.


2. the quality of joint used

Rather than a standard screw in joint. Our hand made cues incorporate a quick release ‘ air vacuum’ joint. without doubt the best joint possible for a 3/4 jointed cue providing the user with the same feeling and effect of using a one piece cue.


3. Tip quality

creating a snooker cue of unrivalled appearance and elegance is pointless if the quality of tip used is of inferior quality. We only use Elkmaster brand cue tips for our cues typically in a more refined 8.5mm tip size.


4. Protection

All of our hand made snooker cues are polished carefully using a coat on coat system rather than the faster system typically used. this means not only will your Birmingham Billiards snooker cue be thoroughly durable, it will also feel amazing in your hand with our trademark ‘silk’ finish.


More information about our famous snooker cues is available in our video below or please click here or below to view our stunning range available to purchase online